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Cell phone drop test

 Stress contour during drop test

Technical Challenge:
Biodegradable polymers are becoming increasingly attractive for consumer product applications such as electronic devices and disposable packaging. Modeling these materials during impact is challenging due to the complexity of the physical event and the scarcity of appropriate material models for biodegradable polymers. 


 Left: Stress contour during drop test
Right: Acceleration time-history corresponding to points on case and phone

Veryst Solution:

Veryst used its expertise in nonlinear dynamic events and the PolyUMod user-material library to simulate the mechanical behavior of biodegradable polymers across a wide range of strain rates. The figures show a smartphone drop test simulation in a protective case made of the biodegradable polymer material PLA (Poly-lactic acid). Veryst tested samples of the material, calibrated the measured data to PolyUMod material models, and implemented the simulation within an explicit finite element code. The animation shows the resulting body dynamics, the time-dependent stress distribution in the structure and the (filtered) acceleration time-history of a point on the case and of a point on the phone.

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