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High temperature polymer behavior

Technical Challenge:
Polymeric materials are used increasingly in elevated temperature applications such as seals and biomedical implants. Many polymers’ mechanical behavior at elevated temperatures is not available or is inadequate to make informed design decisions. To meet this need, design and simulation engineers require mechanical testing at a range of temperatures.


Temperature chamber and temperature-dependent stress-strain and relaxation behavior gathered for PEEK.
This data can be used to calibrate an advanced non-linear constitutive model for finite element simulations.

Veryst Solution:
Veryst works with its clients to design efficient, cost-effective test programs that capture a material’s temperature-dependent response with a select number of tests. Using strategies involving non-standard loading histories, loading modes and test types, Veryst supplies its clients with a data-set sufficient for understanding a material’s behavior at a specified range of temperatures from -80ºC – 280ºC. An example for Polyether ether keytone (PEEK) is show above. This data set is sufficient to calibrate non-linear material models for use in finite element simulations.

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