MEMS and Sensors Engineering and Scientific Simulation Consultant

Veryst Engineering is seeking a full-time Engineer or Physicist to assist with MEMS and Sensors simulation and analysis of nonlinear problems, frequently with multiphysics content.  Responsibilities include engineering analysis, design, and design optimization.  Ph.D. or Masters Degree in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering, or physics with some industrial experience preferred in the MEMS and Sensors field.  Strong academic record and references necessary.  Experience with MEMS and Sensors computational methods, particularly finite element or finite volume methods.  Strong ANSYS skills required.  Experience with simulation of MEMS and Sensors Packaging preferred but not required.  Will work in teams with other engineers on a range of engineering projects that require strong understanding of engineering fundamentals.  Should have demonstrated ability to communicate technical content well, analyze multi-faceted problems and be able to work well both self-directed and within a team.  Consultant is ultimately responsible for business development and marketing of technical services.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Advanced nonlinear finite element modeling and system simulation for MEMS and Sensors
  • Engineering analysis, design and design optimization
  • Modeling MEMS and Sensors systems involving solid mechanics, heat transfer, electrostatics, electromagnetics and/or acoustics
  • Modeling MEMS and Sensors systems under environmental conditions including shock, drop and vibration
  • Project management and report writing
  • Document review and summarizing
  • Business development and marketing

Veryst believes strongly in maintaining a healthy work environment.  The firm emphasizes superior technical content, a cooperative work environment, and honest interaction between staff.  Veryst is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Veryst is seeking diverse candidates with an interest in community involvement and social justice.  We create meaningful connections in our communities.

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