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Veryst Engineering is a COMSOL Certified Consultant.  As a COMSOL Certified Consultant, Veryst combines extensive experience with COMSOL Multiphysics and grounded knowledge of mechanics, physics, manufacturing, and computational methods to deliver solutions for a wide range of modeling projects.  Veryst's primary simulation expertise concentrates on manufacturing processes, fluid-structure interaction, thermal-structure interaction, structural analysis, CFD, heat and mass transfer, polymer and nonlinear material modeling, and contact/impact modeling.  Our customers span industries, including biomedical, consumer products, energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

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Veryst Engineering is a software partner with PolymerFEM, which offers reliable and comprehensive tools for solving difficult polymer design problems.  These tools were originally developed by Veryst but have been spun off into a new company, PolymerFEM LLC.  These software programs include:

  • the PolyUMod® library of user-material models for general purpose finite element modeling of virtually all polymer systems, including thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, foams, filled plastics, and biomaterials;
  • MCalibration®, a material model calibration application that enables semi-automatic extraction of pertinent material parameters from experimental data;
  • the PolymerFEM Material Database, a set of pre-calibrated material models that have been calibrated to extensive test data.  

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