Simulation & Analysis

Veryst provides expertise in many aspects of simulation and analysis for use in product design, manufacturing processes, and failure analysis.  This includes modeling and analysis involving polymer materials, multiphysics modeling, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, computational electromagnetics, and system modeling.  Our modeling efforts are always coupled with validation and verification.

We especially focus on coupled and nonlinear systems.  We have software partnerships with COMSOL and PolymerFEM.  We also extensively use MATLAB and Simulink for modeling, control, data analysis, and visualization applications.


Veryst has strong acoustic simulation expertise in a wide variety of applications, including medical devices and wearable technology. In many cases, acoustic problems cannot be solved adequately using a single-physics approach, and Veryst has extensive experience in solving multiphysics problems involving acoustics.
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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Veryst offers state-of-the-art consulting in the design and analysis of gaseous and fluid systems and products. We employ advanced CFD analysis to solve problems involving fluid mixing, multiphase flow, phase change, non-Newtonian fluids, and microfluidic effects.
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Veryst provides expert consulting services in modeling electromagnetic fields. Our expertise includes modeling electrostatics, magnetostatics, rotating machinery, and similar electromagnetic devices for power, energy, automotive, consumer electronics, biomedical, and many other industries. We use advanced numerical techniques to design, optimize, and validate our clients’ electromagnetic devices to function as digital twins.
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Impact Simulation & Testing

Veryst offers expertise in simulation and testing of impact events with specialties including transient simulations, high strain-rate material characterization, modeling of failure mechanisms, and data processing and analysis. Veryst has served a wide range of industries in this area, such as consumer electronics, sports equipment, consumer appliances, and petrochemical engineering.
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Multiphysics Modeling

Accurate simulation of many products now requires a multiphysics approach. Veryst Engineering specializes in multiphysics problems involving solids, fluids, heat transfer, mass transfer, acoustics, and electromagnetics. Our modeling and analysis expertise includes fluid-structure interaction, thermal-structure interaction, structural-acoustic vibrations, conjugate heat transfer, Joule heating, and microwave heating.
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Polymer Analysis

Veryst provides expert services for product design, manufacturing processes, and failure analysis of polymeric components. Our expertise includes experimental characterization, computer modeling, and failure analysis. Our work is based on advanced characterization and physically-based computer models to solve industrial problems involving polymer systems.
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Species Transport

Veryst assists clients in addressing problems involving transport of species or chemical substances. Our experience includes transdermal drug delivery and permeability of polymer systems. We employ advanced computational methods which allow us to model the complex coupled interactions between solute concentrations and carrier material properties.
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Structural Finite Element Analysis

Veryst offers leading expertise in advanced finite element modeling, particularly for complex, nonlinear problems. We can address problems that other finite element analysis consultants either cannot or are not sufficiently experienced to do well.
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Thermal Analysis

Veryst offers clients consulting services in thermal modeling of both solid and fluid systems, including interactions between these systems. We employ state-of-the-art finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics methods both to analyze and visualize the thermal profiles within client systems. Our simulation capabilities also include hard-to-solve coupled problems, including the interactions between thermal and structural effects and fluid movements resulting from thermal gradients.
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Battery Pack Impact Simulation

From smartphones and cameras to wireless headphones and battery packs, portable electronics proliferate. Consumers expect excellent resilience to device drops, increasing pressure on manufacturers to test thoroughly and optimize their designs. Veryst utilized its unique expertise in accurately modeling complex materials, conducting high strain rate testing, and simulating impact events to simulate the drop impact of an external battery pack.

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