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CFD Modeling for a Hospital Room Ventilation System

Efficient ventilation can reduce a building’s energy consumption and minimize airborne pathogen transmission in hospital rooms.  Veryst used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate ventilation in a hospital room as well as the dispersion of particles and droplets.

Safe Distance? A Simulation of the Trajectory of Exhaled Droplets

Understanding the movement and behavior of droplets a person emits by breathing is essential for infectious disease control. Veryst modeled the trajectory of particles from an individual running at a moderate pace with another runner in their slipstream, while both are exhaling without wearing a mask.

Simulating Compression Springs in a COMSOL Multiphysics Application

The design of compression springs is tied to their intended function and the acceptable levels of deformation and stress that the spring can withstand. Veryst designed and evaluated a standalone simulation application to capture important qualities, such as spring rate, natural frequencies, and estimated fatigue life, for both helical and conical compression springs.

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