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January 17, 2024
Veryst is pleased to add new offerings to our webinar series, focusing on our consultants' expertise in polymer mechanics, experimental testing, and multiphysics simulation.  Registration is now open!

Chaotic Mixing in Microfluidic Devices

Fast mixing of reagents in microfluidic channels and devices is important for DNA sequencing, mRNA vaccine production in small-batch pharmaceutical processes, and point-of-care diagnostics. In this case study, Veryst used computational fluid dynamics simulations to evaluate the mixing performance of three commonly used microfluidic mixers.

Accelerated Creep Testing of Polymers with Time-Temperature Superposition

A medical device designer wanted to forecast the creep performance of a plastic part for at least two years. Veryst tested the material using time-temperature superposition to characterize the material’s long-term performance quickly and efficiently to determine if the design performs adequately after two years.

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