Veryst Engineering works with the world’s most innovative companies across varied industries. Whatever the industry or application, our results and recommendations are based upon deep knowledge of engineering fundamentals and the application of industry-leading analytical and experimental methods. We support our clients at every stage of the design process, from concept generation though manufacturing.

Some of the industries we work in and examples of how we support clients in those industries are listed below.   



Veryst supports research and development efforts in the aerospace industry with our expertise in advanced testing and simulation.  

For example, Veryst:


Image of an automobile


Veryst supports the automotive industry by helping clients adopt new materials to achieve lightweighting and performance targets.

For example, Veryst:


Image of chemical processing equipment

Chemical Processing

Veryst helps the chemical processing industry to address the many layers of coupled physics – fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions, thermodynamics, and porous media – that are often involved in reacting systems.

For example, Veryst:


Image of clean energy equipment

Clean Energy

Veryst helps clean energy companies engineer technologies such as fusion reactors, fuel cells, and photovoltaics.

For example, Veryst:

  • builds multiphysics models of fusion reactors to guide prototype design
  • creates multiphysics simulations of fuel cell performance
  • develops custom tests to measure delamination in photovoltaic cells



Image of energy storage equipment

Energy Storage

Veryst supports developers of energy storage systems to achieve safety, performance, and cost targets.

For example, Veryst:


Image of manufacturing machinery

Manufacturing and Automation

Veryst helps manufacturers reduce costs, improve yield, and adopt new production technologies.

For example, Veryst:


Image of a medical device

Medical Devices

Veryst helps medical device clients engineer new products and secure regulatory approvals.

For example, Veryst:

  • provides simulation services to support regulatory submissions


Image of needle and medicine bottle


Veryst helps pharmaceutical companies solve engineering challenges in drug discovery, development, and manufacturing.

For example, Veryst:


Image of plastic pieces

Plastics, Polymers, and Adhesives

Veryst supports the materials industry in developing new materials and integrating those new materials into industrial and consumer products.

For example, Veryst:

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