Specialized Expertise

Veryst engineers and scientists offer additional specialized expertise in a wide range of important areas, including the following fields.  In each case, we concentrate on meeting client need through the application of fundamental engineering science.

Additive Manufacturing

Veryst Engineering helps clients realize high-performance additively manufactured parts. Our strong foundational knowledge in materials science and mechanics coupled with practical expertise in experimental methods and engineering software make us uniquely qualified to solve complex additive manufacturing challenges.
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Adhesive Joints & Interfaces

Veryst assists clients with the selection of adhesive materials, development of bonding processes, and mechanical analysis of interfaces. We employ chemical characterization, mechanical testing, and advanced computational methods to design robust adhesively bonded structures and to understand delamination failures.
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Application Development

Customized simulation applications ("apps") can simplify the product design process and accelerate its development cycle. Veryst's deep expertise with simulation and with the Application Builder in COMSOL Multiphysics enables us to build useful and reliable apps that are highly customized to our clients' needs.
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Chemical Reactors & Bioreactors

Chemical reactors and bioreactors involve many layers of physics, including fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions, and porous media. A deep knowledge of the underlying physical phenomena is essential when scaling up reactors.
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Customized Computational Solutions

Veryst uses its extensive expertise in simulation and analysis to develop customized computational solutions. Clients developing new materials or new production processes are at a disadvantage when suitable simulation tools are not yet available. Veryst can develop unique, customized solutions such as simulation applications ("apps"), new material subroutines, and custom algorithms.
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Medical Devices

Veryst works with clients to develop high-performance, reliable, and manufacturable medical devices. We apply advanced characterization technologies, engineering analysis, and sophisticated simulation software to provide cost-effective solutions to time-critical engineering problems.
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