Alireza Kermani, Ph.D.

Lead Engineer

Dr. Alireza Kermani is a Lead Engineer at Veryst Engineering.  He has a broad background in fluid dynamics and solid mechanics.  He has extensive experience in turbulent flow modeling, multi-scale flow, building ventilation simulation, nonlinear finite element modeling, structural vibration, impact simulation and analysis, heat transfer, and soil-structure interaction.  His research has included numerical simulation (CFD) of heat and gas transfer between two phases, such as atmosphere and oceans.  His work has included developing a novel computational method to quantify diffusion time scales of interfacial fluid elements.

Prior to joining Veryst Engineering, Dr. Kermani was a Project Director at Thornton Tomasetti, a structural engineering consulting firm headquartered in New York.  He directed project teams for structural analysis, design, and evaluation, and was responsible for reviewing and approving project designs and changes.  Dr. Kermani has experience in structural analysis, renovation and reinforcing existing structures, forensic analyses, condition assessments, and failure investigations for a variety of building types such as commercial, residential, new and old constructions, in both the private and public sectors.  Dr. Kermani is also an expert in impact loading analysis and protective design and has advised clients on solutions to mitigate the risk of impact loading.  He has also consulted on issues involving medical devices, consumer products, sports equipment, and aviation.

Pronouns: He/Him


Ph.D., Computational Fluid Dynamics, Johns Hopkins University, 2010

M.S.E, Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2007

M.S., Structural Engineering, University of Tehran, 2003

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, 2001

Selected Publications

"A modal approach to determine direct shear of beams subjected to impulse," Journal of Engineering Structures, Vol. 156, 2018, pp. 46-52 (with A. Ashrafi and A. Louhghalam).

"Transdermal Drug Delivery with Permeation Enhancer" Excerpt from the Proceedings of the 2016 COMSOL Conference, Boston, MA, October 5-7, 2016.

"Sloshing Analysis of Baffled Container Using SPH Method" 2016 SIMULIA Community Conference Proceedings: Science in the Age of Experience, Boston, Massachusetts, May 23-25, 2016.

"CFD Modeling for Ventilation System of a Hospital Room" COMSOL Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, October 7-9, 2015.

"Early Time Dynamic Shear Spike for Beams or Columns Due to Blast Loading," 5th Annual International Conference on Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Athens, Greece, May 2015 (with L. Cao,  L. Millman, A. Ashrafi, and C. Pinto).

"Evaluation of Super-Tall Steel Columns Subjected to Blast Loading Using SDOF and Finite Element Analysis Methods Proceedings," 11th International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, New York, NY, 2013, (with L. Cao, C. Pinto, E. Malsch,

"Statistics of Surface Renewal of Passive Scalars in Free-Surface Turbulence," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 678, pp.379-416, 2011 (with L. Shen and T. Igusa).

"Surface Age of Surface Renewal in Turbulent Interfacial Transport," Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 36, L10605, 2009 (with L. Shen).

"Investigation of Coupled Air-Water Turbulent Boundary Layers Using Direct Numerical Simulations," Physics of Fluids, Vol. 21, 062108, 2009 (with S. Liu, L. Shen, and D.K.P. Yue).


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