Amartya Bhattacharjee, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer

Dr. Amartya Bhattacharjee is a Senior Engineer at Veryst Engineering.  Dr. Bhattacharjee’s technical expertise is in the domains of solid mechanics, material modeling, fracture mechanics, structural analysis, and structural dynamics.  His research has included the fracture and fragmentation of ceramics to aid in lightweight armor material development.  He has developed analytical and numerical (MATLAB) models for crack growth, coalescence, and fragmentation under high-rate loading.  In addition, he has conducted nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) simulations of impact experiments in Abaqus, explored the sensitivity of material model parameters on FEA simulation outputs, and performed fragment image analysis to explore the link between material microstructure and fragment morphology.  Dr. Bhattacharjee has also used boundary collocation methods and FEA simulations to study the size effect of concrete under compression.

Dr. Bhattacharjee earned an award for the best poster presentation in the Mach Conference 2019 at the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute at Johns Hopkins University.  Two of his papers were also selected as ‘best papers’ for the Journal of the American Ceramic Society.

Pronouns: He/Him


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2021

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2018

M.Tech., Structural Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur, India), 2018

B.E., Construction Engineering, Jadavpur University (Calcutta, India), 2015


"Failure Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Ceramics Under Impact," ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, May 2021 (published online February 23, 2021), 88(5): 051007 (with A. Bhaduri, R. C. Hurley, and L. Graham-Brady). 

"Fragmentation and granular transition of ceramics for high rate loading," Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 105(5): 3062-3080, 2022 (with R. Hurley and L. Graham-Brady).

"Models for the behavior of boron carbide in extreme dynamic environments," Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 105(5): 3043-3061, 2021 (with K.T. Ramesh, L. Graham-Brady, W.A. Goddard, R.C. Hurley, M. Robbins, A.L. Tonge, J.T. Clemmer, Q. Zeng, W. Li, Y. Shen, Q. An, N. Mitra).

Conference Presentations

"Sensitivity analysis of armor ceramics and the influence of microstructure on fragmentation and impact performance," EMI (Engineering Mechanics Institute), 2021 (with A. Bhaduri, R.C. Hurley, and L. Graham-Brady).

"Morphological implications on microstructure of armor ceramics to enhance ballistic performance," Biot-Bažant Conference on Engineering Mechanics and Physics of Porous Materials and Structures, 2021 (with A. Bhaduri, R.C. Hurley, and L. Graham-Brady).

"Impact behavior of armor ceramics: sensitivity analysis," Mach Conference, 2021 (Poster; with A. Bhaduri, R.C. Hurley, and L. Graham-Brady).

"Sensitivity analysis of armor ceramics: Sphere indentation simulations," ICACC (International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics & Composites), 2021 (with A. Bhaduri, R.C. Hurley, and L. Graham-Brady.

"Predicting Initial Fragment Sizes for Granular Flow Under Dynamic Fragmentation of Ceramics," EMI (Engineering Mechanics Institute), 2019 (with L. Graham-Brady).

"Numerical model for predicting the input fragment size distribution for granular flow of a highly comminuted material," Mach Conference, 2019 (Poster; with L. Graham-Brady).

"Fragmentation and granular phase transition in brittle ceramics," ICACC (International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics & Composites), 2019 (with L. Graham-Brady).  

"Analytical model of the transition of a comminuted material to granular phase and evolution of void ratio at transition," EMI (Engineering Mechanics Institute), 2018 (with L. Graham-Brady and J. Clemmer). 

"Analytical model for granular phase transition of highly damaged ceramics," Mach Conference, 2018 (Poster; with L. Graham-Brady). 

"On modeling the transition to granular flow and fragment size distribution in brittle materials after comminution," EMI (Engineering Mechanics Institute), 2017 (with L. Graham-Brady and A. Robinson). 

"Analytical models of the transition to granular flow and the fragment size distribution in comminuted materials," Mach Conference, 2017 (Poster; with L. Graham-Brady and A. Robinson). 

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