Nagi H. Elabbasi, Ph.D.

Principal Engineer

Dr. Nagi Elabbasi is a Principal Engineer at Veryst Engineering.  Dr. Elabbasi’s primary area of expertise is modeling and simulation of nonlinear and multiphysics systems.  He has extensive experience in finite element modeling of structural, CFD, heat transfer, species transport, and acoustics problems, including contact and impact, nonlinear material modeling, commercial code development, structural-acoustic coupling, conjugate heat transfer, and fluid-structure interaction problems.  Dr. Elabbasi works with clients in the biomedical, consumer products, power and energy, automotive, and aerospace industries to resolve product design and performance issues.  He has worked on a wide range of products including augmented reality (AR) products, fuel cells, MEMS switches, high pressure seals, nebulizers, stents, reinforced rubber hoses, hemodialysis devices, LED light bulbs, contact lenses, steam generators, dental drills, automotive shock absorbers, peristaltic pumps, food blenders, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, solenoid actuators, static fluid mixers, cylinder head gaskets, and safety helmets.

Prior to joining Veryst Engineering, Dr. Elabbasi was a Research and Development Engineer at ADINA, a finite element software development firm.  His work spanned research, development, customer support, and training, with direct contribution to contact/impact, material modeling, element design, explicit analysis, verification and validation, and distributed memory processing.  Dr. Elabbasi also held post-doctoral positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and the University of Toronto.


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto, 1999

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, American University in Cairo, 1995

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, American University in Cairo, 1992

Selected Trade Publications

"Simulation Solves the Mystery Behind an Elevator Accident" COMSOL News 2015 (with S. Brown and M. Hancock).

"Conjugate Thermal Analysis of a Generic LED Light Bulb" Software Tech Briefs, 2013 (with S. Brown and M. Heiss).

"Modeling Inertial Focusing in Straight and Curved Microfluidic Channels," COMSOL News 2013 (with J. Bergstrom, D. Quinn, J. Martel, and M. Toner)

"Modeling of Laminar Flow Static Mixers," COMSOL News 2012 (with S. Brown, M. Vidal, X. Liu, and M. Pappalardo).

"Sea Floor Energy Harvesting," COMSOL News 2011 (with S. Brown and B. Alexander).

Selected Journal Publications

“On the Reliable Solution of Contact Problems in Engineering Design,” Int. J. Mechanics and Materials in Design, 1: 3-16, 2004 (with J.W. Hong and K.J. Bathe).

“Recent development of fluid–structure interaction capabilities in the ADINA system,” Computers & Structures, 81, 1071-1085, 2003 (with H. Zhang, X. Zhang, S. Ji, Y. Guo, G. Ledezma, and H. deCougny).

“Finite Element Modelling of Deformation Localisation in Metallic Foams,” Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 38, 631-643,2002 (with S.A. Meguid and S.S. Cheon).

“Stability and Patch Test Performance of Contact Discretizations and a New Solution Algorithm,” Computers & Structures, 79: 1473-1486, 2001 (with K.J. Bathe).

“On the Modelling of Smooth Contact Surfaces using Cubic Splines,” Int. J. for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 50, pp.953-967, 2001 (with S.A. Meguid and A. Czekanski).

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“Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Contact in Thin and Thick Rings,” Int. J. Mech. Sci., 41, pp. 1051-1066, 1999 (with J.S. Cirne and S.A. Meguid).

Selected Conference Publications and Presentations

“Constitutive Modeling of Polyethylene,” NAFEMS World Congress 2015, San Diego, 2015 (with J. Bergstrom, O. Lever, and E. Lever).

Simulating Wear in Disc Brakes,” 2014 COMSOL Conference, Boston 2014 (with M.J. Hancock and S. Brown).

“Simulations of Micropumps Based on Tilted Flexible Structures,” 2014 COMSOL Conference, Boston 2014 (with M.J. Hancock and M.C. Demirel).

“Modeling of Reinforced Elastomeric Hoses,” 2014 SIMULIA Community Conference, Providence, RI, May 19, 2014 (with S. Brown and J. Bergstrom).

“How to Select and Calibrate an Accurate Material Model for Polymers,” 2014 Simulia Community Conference, Providence, RI, May 19, 2014 (with J. Bergstrom and F. Xu).

“Drop Testing of Biodegradable Plastics for Consumer Product Applications,” NAFEMS World Congress, Boston, 2011 (with D. Quinn, G. Bergevin and L. Landry).

“Finite Element Modeling of Bone Screw Pullout,” NAFEMS, Washington DC, 2012 (with D. Quinn and J. Bergstrom).

“Finite Element Analysis of Wave Propagation in Periodic Euler-Bernoulli Beams,” Proc. IMECE 2009 (with M. Hussein and L. Liu).

“Some Advances in Modeling Multiphysics-Biomedical Applications,” in Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics 2003, Elsevier, 2003 (with K.J. Bathe).

“Recent Developments of Fluid-Structure-Interaction Capabilities in the ADINA System,” Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics 2003, Elsevier, 2003 (with H. Zhang, X. Zhang, S. Ji, Y. Guo, G. Ledezma and H. deCougny).


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