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Microdevice technologies include MEMS, sensors, microelectronic systems, microfluidics, and microelectronic packaging. Applications for these technologies are growing at a rapid pace; they include consumer electronics, wearables, smart homes, self-driving automobiles, Internet of Things, medical devices, and various sensors/microdevice networks.

MEMS polysilicon beams show porous grain structure.
Contamination particle is present and acts as a mechanical obstruction to beam movement.

Veryst’s work includes problem solving through failure analysis, reliability testing and lifetime prediction, design enhancements through finite element multiphysics simulation and microfluidics modeling, and micro- and nano-manufacturing cost savings through development and yield improvements. Veryst consulting can:

  • Support development of a prototype into a reliable microdevice

  • Perform and quantify reliability physics of failure

  • Evaluate manufacturing and design of microdevices using simulation and/or FMEA methods

  • Consult in microelectronic packaging technologies using decades of industry experience in semiconductors, MEMS, sensors, microfluidics, adhesives, and metrology

  • Provide expertise in problem solving through failure analysis root cause and corrective action using our knowledge of analytical characterization techniques

  • Assist in contamination related failure with our extensive cleanroom science background

  • Test mechanical properties for thin films used in microdevices

  • Use our experience in polymer fracture, simulation modeling and materials testing in product development, failure analysis and reliability

  • Perform due diligence with venture capitalists in emerging micro-technologies

Veryst engineers have many decades of experience in microtechnology, microdevices, MEMS and sensors, and microfluidics. Our versatile consulting scientists and our science from the fundamentals approach will result in faster, more accurate results for your microdevice technology needs.

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