COMSOL blog features Veryst's work simulating bonding of underfill adhesives

August 29, 2017

Veryst’s simulation expertise was highlighted in a COMSOL blog titled “Simulating the Thermocompression Bonding of an Underfill Adhesive.” The microelectronics packaging industry relies heavily on adhesive bonding to assemble electronic components. One emerging adhesives technology is non-conductive film (NCF), which involves application of an underfill to an entire wafer prior to die singulation and thermocompression bonding. Optimizing the adhesive properties and process variables of NCF technology is challenging due to the very short process times, rapid heating rates, and complex chemorheology of NCF materials. 

The COMSOL blog describes how Veryst simulated the flow and cure of an NCF during the thermocompression bonding process. Click to read the blog.

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