COMSOL video and blog show how Veryst combines material testing and simulation for reliable results

March 11, 2019

COMSOL offers an “inside look” at how Veryst’s engineers collaborate to produce accurate and reliable simulations.  In a COMSOL blog as well as COMSOL’s Inside Look video, finite element (FE) simulation expert and former Veryst Principal Dr. Nagi Elabbasi describes how simulation helps clients see inside their product in a way that they couldn’t see otherwise, to understand if their products will work the way they’re supposed to work.  Clients can use this information in the next iteration of their design, providing an efficient process for product design optimization.

To maximize the value and accuracy of a simulation, Dr. Sean Teller explains that it is essential to understand how a specific material behaves so that simulations will match real-world experience.  He then shows us, in Veryst’s own test lab, how material modeling is used to inform the simulation process, using a peristaltic pump as an example.

The blog includes the video as well as short videos of tensile and high strain rate drop tests being performed on a peristaltic pump tube sample.  Click to read the blog.  To see just the video, click here.

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