Course on crucial techniques for high-rate mechanical testing

April 17, 2024
Impact failure of a thermoplastic material

Dr. Sean Teller taught an online, 90-minute course on High Rate Mechanical Testing of Polymer Materials for Finite Element Simulation.  He explained how to overcome challenges when conducting high-rate mechanical testing of polymer materials to produce accurate results and successful simulations, including:

  • factors that influence the choice to conduct material tests at higher rates and what test methods are available
  • how to transform test data effectively into material models for finite element simulation
  • examples of material data, test methods, and material calibration.

Specifically, course attendees learned how to:

  • interpret extensive data sets to extract meaningful information for acquisition and analysis
  • model the complex behaviors of polymers accurately for reliable finite element simulations
  • integrate high-rate test data into finite element simulation models, enhancing your ability to predict and optimize material performance.

The course took place April 17, 2024 and was offered by SpecialChem/Omnexus. 

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