Gold Sponsor of COMSOL Conference 2020 North America

October 7, 2020

Veryst, a COMSOL Certified Consultant, is proud to have been a Gold Sponsor of COMSOL Conference 2020 North America, a new online event.  Veryst engineers were active at this conference! Some highlights: 

Dr. Nagi Elabbasi and Dr. Jorgen Bergstrom presented a workshop on “Solving Challenging Multiphysics Problems.”  They highlighted several real-world examples where they used COMSOL Multiphysics, including oxygen transport in biomedical devices, advection-diffusion mixing in a microchannel, custom equation implementation of an electromagnetic boundary condition for multilayered shells, and a robust standalone app for spring designers that analyzes the compression of helical/conical springs. 

Dr. Elabbasi also delivered a keynote presentation on “Modeling Flow of Exhaled Droplets between Two Runners.”  In addition, Veryst engineers spoke on a diverse range of topics that included:

  • Chemical Mixing and Washing in Fluidic Diagnostic Systems
  • Blood Damage Modeling of FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Benchmark Nozzle
  • Modeling History-Dependent Heating of Viscoelastic Polymers Under Harmonic Excitation
  • Simulation of a Piezoelectric Catheter-Based Acoustic Ablation Device
  • Simulation of Oxygen Transport and Cellular Uptake in a Microphysiological System
  • Eddy Current Probes for the Nondestructive Detection of Cracks in Aircraft Turbine Blades


The online conference took place October 7-8, 2020.  Click to learn more about COMSOL conference 2020 North America.

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