Presentation on Advanced Testing, Material Modeling of Polymers at NAFEMS Americas

June 22, 2022
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Sean Teller presented "Advanced Testing and Material Modeling of Polymers" at NAFEMS Americas Regional Conference 2022 on June 22, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Polymer materials exhibit many complicated, nonlinear mechanical behaviors that create difficulties for engineers seeking to model accurately their behavior in finite element simulations.  Elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosets, foams, thermoplastic elastomers, biomaterials, and composite materials may exhibit multiple material behaviors, including rate-dependent yield behavior (viscoplasticity), hysteresis and rate-dependent small-strain behavior (viscoelasticity), temperature dependence, anisotropy, and strain localization at large strains.  Understanding these material behaviors, when they occur, and how they can be modeled is crucial to simulating polymers accurately for product design and optimization, manufacturing, material selection, and failure analysis. 

In this presentation, Dr. Teller discussed advanced mechanical characterization techniques to enable accurate finite element simulations.  He also discussed advanced methods to measure the strain-rate dependent mechanical response of materials and demonstrated the advanced strain measurement capabilities of Digital Image Correlation (DIC).  Dr. Teller presented state-of-the art material modelling tools to translate the raw material data from the test lab into commercial software for simulation with high fidelity.  Finally, he provided case studies on using the models in simulations that showcase the advantages of advanced testing and material modelling, including improvements in product design and performance.

The conference ran June 21-23.  Dr. Teller's presentation was on Wednesday, June 22, part of Track A, at 3:30 pm.  Read more about this event and this presentation.

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