Veryst engineer invited to participate in global electronics forum

February 20, 2020

MEMS and sensors expert Allyson Hartzell has been asked to serve on the MEMS and Sensor Integration technical working group for the development of the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR).  The HIR serves as “a guideline for the global electronics industry of projected technology needs and opportunities for innovation.”  The Roadmap provides guidance to industry, academia, government, and research institutes. 

HIR activities are sponsored by IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS), SEMI,  IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS),  IEEE Photonics Society, and the ASME EPPD Division.  The HIR Meeting and Symposium took place February 20-21, 2020, in Milpitas, California.  Learn more about the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap.

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