Veryst engineers present at 2023 Adhesion Society Annual Meeting

February 19, 2023
Orlando, Florida
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Dr. Mark Oliver and Dr. Scott Grindy each offered presentations at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society, which took place February 19-22, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Oliver spoke about “Hybrid Joint Concepts for Adhesive Bonding of Additively Manufactured Parts” on Wednesday morning at 10:45AM.  Additive manufacturing (AM) enables more complex part design than traditional manufacturing methods, and the design flexibility of AM can be leveraged to create novel adhesive joint designs.  Dr. Oliver discussed how the geometric complexity enabled by additive manufacturing gives engineers greater flexibility in designing the shape and size of adhesive bonds.  Additionally, he discussed how engineers may be able to leverage new joint geometries that aren’t economically or technically feasible with conventional manufacturing processes.

Dr. Grindy spoke about “Calibrating Cohesive Zone Models for Structural Adhesives Bonded to Plastic” on Wednesday morning at 9:00AM.  Cohesive zone models (CZMs) capture the essential physics of joint deformation and failure and are useful tools for simulating the properties of adhesive joints.  However, the fracture mechanics tests typically used to calibrate CZMs typically do not work for plastic adherends due to excess deformation of the adherends.  Dr. Grindy discussed using a J-integral approach to characterize these joints, and highlighted novel specimen designs that enable Veryst to calibrate CZMs for plastic-metal adhesive joints.

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