LS-DYNA Material Models

Veryst provides the following test programs for LS-DYNA material models.  Veryst can use its extensive expertise to recommend an appropriate combination of test program and material model if you are unsure of what test program is required for your application.

Program id ls-dyna keywords description
Hyperelastic model
Hyperelastic model with stress softening
Linear visco-hyperelastic model
Linear visco-hyperelastic model with stress softening
Nonlinear visco-hyperelastic model
LSD012 *MAT_EIGHT_CHAIN_RUBBER Nonlinear visco-hyperelastic model with stress softening
LSD020 *MAT_VISCOELASTIC Linear viscoelastic model
LSD021 *MAT_GENERAL_VISCOELASTIC Nonlinear viscoelastic model
Nonlinear elastic-plastic model for polymers
LSD023 *MAT_ELASTIC_VISCOPLASTIC_THERMAL Temperature-dependent nonlinear elastic viscoplastic model
LSD024 *MAT_EIGHT_CHAIN_RUBBER Nonlinear hyperelastic viscoplastic model
LSD025 *MAT_EIGHT_CHAIN_RUBBER Nonlinear hyperelastic viscoplastic model with stress softening
LSD026 *MAT_ELASTIC_PLASTIC_THERMAL Elastic-plastic model with temperature-dependent values
LSD027 *MAT_FU_CHANG_FOAM Nonlinear rate-dependent formulation for foams
LSD028 *MAT_SAMP-1 Strain rate-dependent model for thermoplastics
LSD029 *MAT_SIMPLIFIED_RUBBER/FOAM Strain rate-dependent model for rubbers and foams
LSD030 *MAT_POLYMER Strain rate-dependent model for thermoplastics and elastomers
LSD101 *MAT_USER_DEFINED_MATERIAL_MODEL PolyUMod user material model

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