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Product Development

Veryst brings to any product development effort a unique perspective framed by our consultants' knowledge of intellectual property, materials, design practices, manufacturing processes, and reliability engineering. We approach every design challenge with academic rigor and real-world practicality, recognizing the importance of both creativity and informed decisions.

Services include:

  • CAD Modeling to visualize early concepts, test design scenarios, and prepare for release to manufacturing

  • Virtual Prototyping to test designs before more expensive investments in physical prototypes

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Complex Assemblies and Materials to begin optimizing designs for performance and cost early in the development process

  • Photo-Realistic Virtual Rendering of products and concepts to aid the creative process and create compelling images for marketing materials

  • Process consulting, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Reliability and Physics of Failure

Veryst Engineering can assume complete development responsibility or work in concert with an existing team of designers and engineers.

Benefits from our services include:
Better performance
Reduced cost
Faster development
Smoother transition to production
Improved long-term reliability
Better overall understanding of design trade-offs

Veryst has served the consumer product, medical device, petrochemical, industrial equipment, and MEMS industries. Call or email us to discuss how we might assist your next development project.

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