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Meta Reality Labs' Research Assisted by Veryst

November 5, 2021
Meta Reality Labs (MRL), a subsidiary of Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.), recently published an article describing their research conducted with support from Veryst's Dr. Alireza Kermani. MRL modeled ultrasound sensor integration into a glasses form factor augmented reality device, using a COMSOL model built by Veryst.

Veryst announces five new principals!

July 1, 2022
Veryst is excited to announce that Matthew Hancock, Mike Kuron, Mark Oliver, Andrew Spann, and Sean Teller have recently become principals of the company!  These new principals join Dr. Stuart Brown, the founder of Veryst Engineering.

Veryst supports bioengineering study of new surgical technique, just published

January 17, 2023
Veryst is proud to have supported 3D BioLabs LLC with a study described in its recent publication titled “Rodent Model for Orthotopic Implantation of Engineered Liver Devices.” The publication presents a novel surgical technique to provide blood supply to implanted cellularized devices that augment or replace liver tissue function.

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