Matthew J. Hancock, Ph.D.

Managing Engineer

Dr. Matthew Hancock is a Managing Engineer at Veryst Engineering.  Dr. Hancock has an extensive background in fluid mechanics and computational modeling, including microfluidics, wetting of textured surfaces, surface tension effects, heat and mass transfer, solid-fluid interaction, wave motion, and multiscale analysis.  Dr. Hancock has co-authored dozens of peer-reviewed research articles in journals such as Nature Materials, Lab on a Chip, Small, and Biomaterials.  To date, his research has been cited more than 2000 times.

Dr. Hancock has worked in academic, medical, and industrial settings, both as project lead and as a model-based engineering consultant.  Prior to joining Veryst Engineering, Dr. Hancock was a Visiting Scientist at the Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, a postdoctoral research fellow at both Harvard Medical School and Pennsylvania State University, and an instructor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Ph.D., Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005

M.Math., Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1999

B.Math., Applied & Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1998

Publications, Professional Service, and Editorial Activities


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Professional Service and Editorial Activities

Member, Scientific Committee, COMSOL Conference, Boston, MA, October 2013.

Co-organizer, Bioinspired Directional Surfaces Symposium, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, November 2012

Ad-hoc reviewer for Advanced Functional Materials, Analytical Chemistry, ChemPhysChem, Europhysics Letters, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Lab on a Chip, PLoS ONE, Physical Review E, Physical Review Letters.


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