Nirmal Paudel, Ph.D.

Lead Engineer

Dr. Nirmal Paudel is a Lead Engineer at Veryst Engineering.  Dr. Paudel has an extensive background in computational electromagnetics and product development in the R&D (research and development) environment, particularly in the power and energy sector.  He has more than a decade of experience in modeling resistive, capacitive, and inductive devices, including nonlinear materials.  He has wide-ranging experience modeling electromagnetic devices such as transformers, motors, generators, magnetic devices and systems (gears, levitation systems, actuators, dampers, and sensors), eddy-current devices, inductive power transfer systems, and capacitive touch devices.  He is also experienced in multiphysics modeling, including modeling joule heating, inductive heating, heat transfer, and flow in electromagnetic devices.

Dr. Paudel has worked in academic and industrial settings, both as an associate professor and as a principal R&D engineer.  Prior to joining Veryst, Dr. Paudel was an associate professor at Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Engineering in Nepal.  Dr. Paudel also worked for ABB Inc. as a principal R&D engineer, leading the R&D activities for development of outdoor products such as fuses, cutouts, sensors, and instrument transformers.  Prior to that, Dr. Paudel worked for COMSOL Inc. as an applications engineer and later as a team leader, responsible for technical support, training, and developing proof of concept models for customer applications.  Dr. Paudel has co-authored many peer-reviewed research articles in international journals and for conferences, and has been a reviewer for several journals, including IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and ACES Journal (from the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society).


Ph.D., Power and Energy Systems, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2012

M.S.E.E., Electrical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2009

B.E., Electrical Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering, Nepal, 2005


"Capacitive Power Harvesting," U.S. Patent US20200195041A1 (with V. Siddharth, D. Raschka, R. Pate) December 2019.

"Modular Instrument Transformer," U.S. Patent US20190204362A1 (with B. Singh, D. Raschka, S. Shaw, V. Siddharth, J. Chorzepa), December 2018.


Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

“What electric field strength is necessary for maximum tumor-treating fields efficacy,” in American Association for Cancer Research, 2020 (with K.W. Carlson, J.A. Tuszynski, S. Dokos, and Z. Bomzon).

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