Core Values of Veryst Engineering

We believe every member of the Veryst team should share certain core values that we consider essential to being the kind of people and kind of company we want to be.


We enjoy, welcome, and respect the opinions, time, and work of others.  This includes clients, vendors, and co-workers.  We treat other people as we would want to be treated.  This does not mean we do not argue – we have to be open to disagreement and have the ability to address those disagreements directly.  We praise good work and look for opportunities both to accept and offer feedback.

Technical Excellence

Technical excellence is not something we will compromise.  We will be open to discussions and even arguments about work product.  If we do not know or understand a technical issue, then we will learn about it or find someone who does understand the issue.  Our agenda is to be better prepared and produce a better product than our competition.

Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone is welcome.  We are committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture where everyone thrives, particularly underrepresented groups.  We apply this mindset to all interactions between employees, clients, vendors, and candidates for employment, and we actively work towards a diverse company and clientele. 


Professionalism is inextricably linked to respect.  Our agenda is to have the client obtain the best solution possible, even if this means finding someone else more experienced than us.  Professionalism includes not letting ego get in the way of our work product.  Professional behavior also means adhering to professional and personal ethical practices, and recognizing that a breach of ethics provides grounds for leaving the firm.


Growth is a core priority.  We seek growth both as individuals and as an organization.  We build professional and personal development into our planning, and discuss how the organization should market, hire, and invest for growth.  We hire well and with a clear vision of how our staff fits together.  Every consultant has the responsibility of teaching and mentoring other consultants. 


We will be profitable and share in those profits.  We will work to increase revenue, actively market, and control costs – all of which contribute to a profitable firm.


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