Free Webinars

In addition to our in-depth training seminars, Veryst occasionally offers shorter webinars on a variety of topics.  For archived webinars and live webinars on PolyUMod® and MCalibration®, we direct you to our partner site,

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Past Webinars

MCalibration®: Inverse Calibration

This half-hour, web-based class offers an overview of using inverse calibrations in MCalibration. This course will review how to set up MCalibration to run an inverse calibration, extract the data, and run the calibration. We will use hands-on exercises with example test data to demonstrate key concepts.

Polymer Testing for Finite Element Modeling

This new, web-based class will present advanced material testing methods targeting material characterization for Finite Element (FE) modeling.  We will discuss designing a test plan, understanding limitations of different test and measurement systems, and how to take your experimental data out of the lab and into your FE model.  

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