Two Veryst principals named Senior Consultants at 3D BioLabs

May 23, 2023
Collage for 3D BioLabs
Example channel layout that mimics the natural blood vessels of organs and tissues.

Veryst is proud to announce that two of its principals have been named Senior Consultants at 3D BioLabs--an early-stage research and development company in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. 

Matthew Hancock, Ph.D. and Andrew Spann, Ph.D. consulted on a range of topics including engineering design, fluid flow, species transport, materials selection, device testing and device integration. 

“3D BioLabs has engaged Veryst Engineering since 2016 to help bring our novel implantable living tissue device idea from the drawing board to reality,” says Joseph Vacanti, M.D., Scientific Founder of 3D BioLabs LLC and also the John Homans Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Past Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Veryst has used their expertise in fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, and material science to help develop a practical tissue device design based on fundamental engineering science.  We’ve continued to collaborate through our experimental phase to refine our design as we work to bring this new technology to market.” 

“It has been so meaningful, exciting, and humbling to work with this dream team on such an important problem,” says Dr. Hancock. “It’s a great example of how engineering fundamentals and multiphysics simulations can complement experiments and prototyping in product development.”

Learn more about 3D BioLabs.

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