Veryst announces five new principals!

July 1, 2022

Veryst is excited to announce that Matthew Hancock, Mike Kuron, Mark Oliver, Andrew Spann, and Sean Teller have recently become principals of the company! These new principals join Dr. Stuart Brown, the founder of Veryst Engineering:

Veryst announces five new principals.
Left to right: Matt Hancock, Sean Teller, Mike Kuron, Mark Oliver, Andrew Spann

Matthew Hancock, Ph.D. has an extensive background in fluid mechanics and computational modeling, including microfluidics, wetting of textured surfaces, surface tension effects, heat and mass transfer, solid-fluid interaction, wave motion, and multiscale analysis.  
Michael Kuron, Ph.D.’s primary area of expertise is computational mechanics, with a concentration in the simulation of fluid flow behavior using computational fluid dynamics. He has extensive experience in CFD modeling of fluid flows with turbulence, heat transfer, chemical reactions, multiple phases, and fluid-structure interaction.  
Mark Oliver, Ph.D. has expertise in the materials science, solid mechanics, and failure analysis of metals, polymers, fiber-reinforced composites, adhesives, and additively manufactured materials. He is experienced in chemical and microstructural characterization, mechanical testing, and finite element analysis, applying his knowledge to issues of materials selection, mechanical design, and root cause determination of material failures. 
Andrew Spann, Ph.D.’s expertise uses high-performance computing to study complex physical systems, including biological systems such as vesicles, red blood cells, microfluidic devices, and platelets. His work includes simulating coupled flow, deformation, and margination of cells and membrane structures.  
Sean Teller, Ph.D. has extensive experience in testing and modeling the mechanical behavior of materials at low and high strain rates, including viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity, nonlinear materials, and fracture mechanics. His work spans many disciplines, including mechanical testing, consumer products, tissue engineering, biomaterials, polymer characterization, aerospace applications, and semiconductor manufacturing.

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