Veryst has applied its simulation expertise to the development of several valuable software tools.  Please see below for a description of the simulation applications we offer and of the PolyUMod®, MCalibration®, and Material Database software.

Customized Applications

Customized simulation applications ("apps") can simplify the product design process and accelerate the development cycle. Veryst's deep expertise with simulation and with the Application Builder in COMSOL Multiphysics enables us to build useful and reliable apps.  Contact us to discuss how we can develop an app customized to your needs, or learn about our apps, below.


Spring Design App

Veryst developed a robust COMSOL Multiphysics standalone app that simulates the compression of both helical and conical springs.  See an example of simulating compression springs in a COMSOL Multiphysics application.

Contact us to obtain the Spring Design App.


Lap shear app input screen

Lap Shear App

Veryst developed a free-to-use, standalone, COMSOL Multiphysics application to simulate the strength of single lap shear joints using cohesive zone modeling.

Contact us to obtain the Lap Shear App.


Ball valve app results screen

Ball Valve App

Veryst developed an easy-to-use COMSOL Multiphysics application to characterize the pressure loss and velocity distribution for ball valve designs, with the option of modeling both turbulent and laminar flow.

Contact us to obtain the Ball Valve App.


PolyUMod, MCalibration, and Material Database

Veryst Engineering has spun off its PolyUMod, MCalibration, and Material Database software into a new company called PolymerFEM LLC.

PolyUMod software--image of Configurational Force without scale


The PolyUMod library is a library of advanced user-material models that plugs into an FEA solver and enables more accurate predictions than is possible within the available material models.


Screenshot of the MCalibration program after the calibration is performed


The MCalibration software is a tool that can calibrate almost any available material quickly and easily.


Screenshot illustrating use of the Material Database

Material Database

The PolymerFEM Material Database is a set of pre-calibrated material models that have been calibrated to extensive test data.

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