Veryst has developed reliable and comprehensive tools for solving difficult polymer design problems. 

  • The PolyUMod® library is a library of advanced user-material models that plugs into an FEA solver and enables more accurate predictions than is possible within the available material models.  The PolyUMod library also includes a set of pre-calibrated material models for specific materials. 
  • The MCalibration® software is a tool that can calibrate all available material models quickly and easily. 
  • The Veryst Material Database is a set of pre-calibrated material models that have been calibrated to extensive test data.  


To Purchase the Software or Request a Trial License

If you would like a license to use the PolyUMod and MCalibration software or the Veryst Material Database, please visit the Veryst Software Help Center

If you do not yet have an account you will be asked to create one to log in.  From there, you can request information on purchasing a professional license or an academic license. 

To request a free, two-week trial license, please visit

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