High Rate


Presentations at ASME'S International Mechancial Engineering Congress and Expo
Dr. Sean Teller spoke about “A New High Strain-Rate Biaxial Experiment to Validate Constitutive Models for Polymers” and about “Fracture Testing and Cohesive Zone Modeling of Automotive Adhesives” at ASME IMECE.
Two presentations at ANTEC 2018
Dr. Mark Oliver participated in the “Additive Manufacturing: Design, Test, and 3D Print for Production” session at ANTEC 2018, and Dr. Sean Teller participated in the “Engineering Properties and Structure: Innovations in Polyolefins and Plastics” session.
Veryst presents at three conferences
Dr. Stuart Brown spoke about “Modeling and Design of Reinforced Elastomeric Products for Oil and Gas Applications” and “High Strain Rate Testing of Polymers for Impact Simulations,” while Eric Schmitt spoke about “Calibration and Experimental Validation of Advanced Constitutive Models of Polymeric Materials at High Strain Rates.”

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