Stiction Analysis


MEMS & Sensors Reliability
Veryst assists clients with MEMS and sensors consulting through failure analysis, reliability, lifetime prediction, yield enhancement, micro-contamination analysis, and microfluidics and multiphysics simulations. We provide a synergistic approach of combining analytical characterization, empirical studies, and simulation. Veryst scientists are well versed in packaging reliability as well.
MEMS, Sensors, & Microelectronics Failure Analysis

Veryst offers expertise in a full range of analytical tools and techniques for non-destructive and destructive failure analysis.  Choosing the right analytical method is critical for determining the root cause of a failure.  Some of the non-destructive methods we use begin with high magnification

News item

Article published on MEMS failure mechanisms
Allyson Hartzell has just published a practical guide to “Avoid these common MEMS failure mechanisms” in an article on the EDN Network’s website.  The article provides specific and concrete advice for identifying and avoiding failure mechanisms, as well as helpful tips for system developers.

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