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Veryst’s testing capabilities have been developed over the past decade and are motivated by the need for high quality data to characterize complex polymer behavior. We tailor our test programs based on our deep understanding of polymer and material mechanics and the challenges complex materials create for accurate simulations. We offer the following to characterize fully the material behavior relevant to your material and problem:

  • High quality test data and analysis


Veryst offers a wide variety of mechanical testing services in many loading modes, strain-rates, and temperatures which include:

  • Standard tests (ASTM, ISO, etc.) on universal test frames
  • Temperature-dependent test programs
  • Creep, relaxation, and permanent set
  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

An ever-growing list detailing our capabilities can be found here.

MATERIAL MODEL calibration

Veryst has extensive experience selecting and calibrating a material model to capture the most important aspects of material behavior for your specific material and conditions during use. Using our custom software, MCalibration®, we can optimize model parameters to various loading modes simultaneously. This also includes the use of complex loading modes requiring inverse calibration methods. We have also developed our PolyUMod® library of advanced material models to expand the capabilities of commonly used commercial finite element packages, including Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, COMSOL, and MSC.Marc. 

Material Model Calibration Services


We recommend validating the model using a complex stress state after testing is complete and a model has been chosen and calibrated. We have found this to be important as regulatory agencies such as the FDA are emphasizing validation. We offer multiple tests to best fit your problem. We also specialize in designing new tests specific to your needs. 

Material Model Validation Services

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