Case study

Creep Testing of Polymers at Elevated Temperatures
Polymers are prone to deform slowly over long periods of time when subjected to applied load, a phenomenon known as creep. Over time, the deformation can grow so large that the part no longer functions as intended. Veryst utilized creep testing to compare material choices and set temperature specifications for polymers.
Optimizing Additively Manufactured Parts for Adhesive Assembly
Veryst used topology optimization to design an additively manufactured bracket for adhesive assembly and then used cohesive zone modeling to predict the strength of the bonded joint.
Silicon Nitride Thin Film Elastic Modulus
Knowledge of thin film mechanical properties is important for device operation, reliability, and simulation. Veryst measured the elastic modulus of a low stress silicon nitride thin film using nanoindentation and validated the technique with atomic force microscopy.
Underfill Adhesive Flow and Cure
The microelectronics packaging industry relies heavily on adhesive bonding to assemble electronic components. Veryst built a COMSOL Multiphysics model of a thermocompression bonding process to help reduce bonding cycle time by simultaneously optimizing material and process variables.


Additive Manufacturing
Veryst Engineering helps clients realize high-performance additively manufactured parts. Our strong foundational knowledge in materials science and mechanics coupled with practical expertise in experimental methods and engineering software make us uniquely qualified to solve complex additive manufacturing challenges.
Failure Analysis

The consultants at Veryst provide failure and root cause analyses using core engineering disciplines to evaluate different failure scenarios.  Engineering specialties we apply to failure analyses include: mechanical engineering, materials science (metallurgy, ceramics, polymer science, compo

Medical Devices
Veryst works with clients to develop high-performance, reliable, and manufacturable medical devices. We apply advanced characterization technologies, engineering analysis, and sophisticated simulation software to provide cost-effective solutions to time-critical engineering problems.
Polymer Analysis
Veryst provides expert services for product design, manufacturing processes, and failure analysis of polymeric components. Our expertise includes experimental characterization, computer modeling, and failure analysis. Our work is based on advanced characterization and physically-based computer models to solve industrial problems involving polymer systems.
Specialized Expertise

Veryst engineers and scientists offer additional specialized expertise in a wide range of important areas, including the following fields.  In each case, we concentrate on meeting client need through the application of fundamental engineering science.


Invited speaker at workshop on MEMS and Sensors, in the Himalayas
Allyson Hartzell was invited to speak at the International Workshop on Nano/Micro 2D and 3D Fabrication and Manufacturing of Electronic and Biomedical Devices and Applications (IWNEBD-2018), at the India Institute of Technology, Mandi. 
Webinar on Advanced Testing and Simulation of Bonded Structures
Dr. Mark Oliver and Dr. Scott Grindy offered a webinar hosted by the Adhesives and Sealants Council. They discussed methods for characterizing the mechanical behavior of adhesive materials and adhesive joints to take advantage of FEA, identified strategies for modeling adhesive joints and described the pros and cons of each, and much more.

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