Materials Selection

Case study

Creep Testing of Polymers at Elevated Temperatures
Polymers are prone to deform slowly over long periods of time when subjected to applied load, a phenomenon known as creep. Over time, the deformation can grow so large that the part no longer functions as intended. Veryst utilized creep testing to compare material choices and set temperature specifications for polymers.
FTIR Microscopy Analysis of Thermoplastic Solvent Bonding
Solvent bonding, although an effective way to join thermoplastics, can pose process challenges that reduce bond strength. Veryst uses FTIR microscopy to characterize the interface structure of solvent bonds, obtaining a “chemical image” of the solvent-bonded interface. The result is a full understanding of the bond and ways to improve its strength and reliability.
Small-Scale Friction Measurement
Medical devices, combination products, consumer products, and manufacturing processes often include components that slide past each other. These products and processes can fail when the friction forces between the surfaces are too high, due to surface roughness, lubrication, materials, or environmental conditions. Here Veryst introduces a specialized fixture to measure the friction between a small metal wire and three polymer materials, to select a backup supplier for dual sourcing that would maintain low friction in a medical device.
Testing of Climbing Shoe Rubbers
The material properties of a climbing shoe’s outsole rubber directly affect a rock climber’s performance. Veryst performed friction and compression testing of two climbing shoe rubbers to quantify and compare their performance.
Underfill Adhesive Flow and Cure
The microelectronics packaging industry relies heavily on adhesive bonding to assemble electronic components. Veryst built a COMSOL Multiphysics model of a thermocompression bonding process to help reduce bonding cycle time by simultaneously optimizing material and process variables.

News item

Veryst adds FTIR microscope to materials analysis lab

Veryst is excited to announce that we have expanded our materials analysis capabilities by adding a Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) microscope to our materials analysis lab.

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