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Finite element analysis SOFTWARE

Veryst can specify a test program that captures your material’s response for use with a particular material constitutive model. Veryst has outlined test programs for the constitutive models available in the following simulation software packages:



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If you are unsure about the particular material model you require for your application, Veryst welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your intended use and to recommend a particular test program or combination of test programs. For more information, email us at

Specimen Preparation

Veryst can assist in molding standard and non-standard test specimens. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing this option.

Other Ways to Select the Test(s) You Need

Our testing services are also organized according to particular test type or material class:

Material Test Library

Tests by Material Class

Material Model Calibration

Veryst can calibrate parameters for nearly any constitutive model available in commercial finite element codes, using a set of advanced optimization and finite element routines implemented in its MCalibration software package. Veryst can also calibrate parameters for advanced nonlinear material models offered in its PolyUMod library.

Material Model Calibration Services

Material Model Validation

Engineering products experience multiaxial loading at many different strain rates and temperatures. Ideally, calibrated material models should be validated using a separate set of experiments designed to match the loading environment. Such validation test programs are increasingly emphasized by regulatory bodies such as the FDA.

Veryst can design a model validation program based on your particular application in order to demonstrate the accuracy of your calibrated material model for your anticipated loading environment.  Veryst has several “off the shelf” tests that can be used for validation activities. Veryst can also design a custom testing application based on your particular needs. Results from tests are compared to simulations using your calibrated material model in order to validate its predictive capability for your application.

Material Model Validation Services

For more information, email us at

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