Case study

Design and Simulation of a Catheter-Based Acoustic Ablation Device
Thermal ablation is a minimally invasive way to treat tumors, and simulating the physics of ablation can help in the design of ablation devices. Veryst designed and simulated a catheter-based acoustic ablation device relying on acoustic pressure waves to heat tissue to induce necrosis.
Immersed Beam Vibration
When a thin structure is immersed in a fluid, its natural frequencies, mode shapes, and damping characteristics may be significantly affected by the fluid. Predicting the dynamic behavior in this case requires a structural-acoustic analysis.
Phononic Band Gap Analysis
The call for structures that can selectively block acoustic waves of certain frequencies is growing, but their design is often inhibited by the lack of appropriate simulation tools in commercial FEA packages. Veryst developed a COMSOL Multiphysics model for unit cell band gap simulations, enabling the design and optimization of phononic band gap structures with target band gap width and locations.


Veryst has strong acoustic simulation expertise in a wide variety of applications, including medical devices and wearable technology. In many cases, acoustic problems cannot be solved adequately using a single-physics approach, and Veryst has extensive experience in solving multiphysics problems involving acoustics.
Veryst provides expert consulting services in modeling electromagnetic fields. Our expertise includes modeling electrostatics, magnetostatics, rotating machinery, and similar electromagnetic devices for power, energy, automotive, consumer electronics, biomedical, and many other industries. We use advanced numerical techniques to design, optimize, and validate our clients’ electromagnetic devices to function as digital twins.
Veryst offers a comprehensive approach to solving problems in microfluidic device development.  We employ an array of modeling tools, such as scaling arguments, analytical formulas, computational simulations, and laboratory testing to inform the design and integration of common components.
Multiphysics Modeling
Accurate simulation of many products now requires a multiphysics approach. Veryst Engineering specializes in multiphysics problems involving solids, fluids, heat transfer, mass transfer, acoustics, and electromagnetics. Our modeling and analysis expertise includes fluid-structure interaction, thermal-structure interaction, structural-acoustic vibrations, conjugate heat transfer, Joule heating, and microwave heating.
Simulation & Analysis

Veryst provides expertise in many aspects of simulation and analysis for use in product design, manufacturing processes, and failure analysis.  This includes modeling and analysis involving polymer materials, multiphysics modeling, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, compu

News item

Guest editorial in COMSOL News 2017 Acoustics Edition
Dr. Nagi Elabbasi has a guest editorial article in COMSOL News 2017 Acoustics Edition. The article is titled “How Computational Acoustics Benefits from Multiphysics” and discusses some of the developments and challenges in acoustic simulation


Acoustics panel moderator
Dr. Elabbasi moderated a panel discussion on “Modeling Strategies for Acoustics Simulations” at COMSOL Conference 2018 Boston.  The panel discussed the use of different modeling strategies depending on the frequency range, model size, and details included in the physics used. 
Webinar on Electromagnetic Modeling and Design of an Actuator
Dr. Nirmal Paudel presented a free, one-hour webinar titled "Electromagnetic Modeling and Design of an Actuator." He demonstrated a workflow for designing an electromagnetic actuator using the COMSOL Multiphysics simulation software and its parametric sweep and optimization tools in both static and transient simulations.

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