Presentation at 2016 Adhesives & Sealant Convention
Dr. Mark Oliver spoke about “Experimentally Calibrating Cohesive Zone Models for Structural Automotive Adhesives” at the 2016 Adhesives & Sealant Convention. 
Presentation at 41st Annual Adhesion Society Meeting
Dr. Mark Oliver spoke about “Applications of Digital Image Correlation in Adhesive Testing: Measuring High-Rate Fracture Toughness and Calibrating Cohesive Zone Models” at the 41st Annual Adhesion Society Meeting.
Presentation at adhesives and microelectronics packaging conferences
Dr. Mark Oliver made presentations on "Testing and Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Flexible Adhesives" and on "Multiphysics Modeling of Underfill Flow and Cure During Thermocompression Bonding" at two industry conferences.
Presentations at ASME'S International Mechancial Engineering Congress and Expo
Dr. Sean Teller spoke about “A New High Strain-Rate Biaxial Experiment to Validate Constitutive Models for Polymers” and about “Fracture Testing and Cohesive Zone Modeling of Automotive Adhesives” at ASME IMECE.
Veryst engineers speak at COMSOL Day
Dr. Nagi Elabbasi and Dr. Mark Oliver were invited speakers at COMSOL Day in Cambridge, MA.  Dr. Elabbasi discussed “RF Tissue Ablation with Blood Flow” and Dr. Oliver discussed "Simulation of Adhesive Joining Processes." 

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