Consumer Product

Case study

Cell Phone Drop Test
Biodegradable polymers are becoming increasingly attractive for consumer product applications such as electronic devices and disposable packaging. Modeling these materials during impact is challenging due to the complexity of the physical event and the scarcity of appropriate material models for biodegradable polymers.
Shear Jamming in Dense Suspensions
Shear thickening and jamming in dense particulate suspensions can lead to undesirable processing inefficiencies and failure modes across a variety of product applications, including inkjet printer nozzles, medical autoinjectors, and porous filtration systems.  In this case study, Veryst simulated the flow of a dense suspension through a syringe needle to evaluate the conditions that lead to shear jamming.
Testing of Climbing Shoe Rubbers
The material properties of a climbing shoe’s outsole rubber directly affect a rock climber’s performance. Veryst performed friction and compression testing of two climbing shoe rubbers to quantify and compare their performance.


Failure Analysis

The consultants at Veryst provide failure and root cause analyses using core engineering disciplines to evaluate different failure scenarios.  Engineering specialties we apply to failure analyses include: mechanical engineering, materials science (metallurgy, ceramics, polymer science, compo

Veryst offers a comprehensive approach to solving problems in microfluidic device development.  We employ an array of modeling tools, such as scaling arguments, analytical formulas, computational simulations, and laboratory testing to inform the design and integration of common components.
Multiphysics Modeling
Accurate simulation of many products now requires a multiphysics approach. Veryst Engineering specializes in multiphysics problems involving solids, fluids, heat transfer, mass transfer, acoustics, and electromagnetics. Our modeling and analysis expertise includes fluid-structure interaction, thermal-structure interaction, structural-acoustic vibrations, conjugate heat transfer, Joule heating, and microwave heating.

News item

NASA Tech Briefs article features Veryst engineers
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Tech Briefs, a design engineering publication focused on reporting significant new technologies, has published an article by Veryst engineers Allyson Hartzell and Andrew Spann titled “Solving the Interconnect Challenge: How to Bring Flexibility to Wearable Design.”

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