PolyUMod, MCalibration Software


ANSYS Mechanical Material Models
Veryst has extensive experience selecting and calibrating material models for ANSYS, including the Bergstrom-Boyce model and other metal plasticity models.
COMSOL Multiphysics Material Models
Veryst can calibrate material models to any of the COMSOL material models, including plasticity models, hyperelastic material models, and linear viscoelastic models.
Customized Computational Solutions
Veryst uses its extensive expertise in simulation and analysis to develop customized computational solutions. Clients developing new materials or new production processes are at a disadvantage when suitable simulation tools are not yet available. Veryst can develop unique, customized solutions such as simulation applications ("apps"), new material subroutines, and custom algorithms.
Finite Element Analysis
Veryst offers leading expertise in advanced finite element modeling, particularly for complex, nonlinear problems. Many of our staff come from leading nonlinear software firms and we have official partner relationships with numerous firms. We can address problems that other finite element analysis consultants either cannot or are not sufficiently experienced to do well.
LS-DYNA Material Models
Veryst has designed test plans to calibrate many of the material models in the extensive LS-DYNA library. We have designed test plans for SAMP-1, Fu-Chang Foam, and the simplified rubber material model.
Material Model Calibration
Veryst has extensive experience selecting and calibrating a material model to capture the most important aspects of material behavior for your specific material and conditions during use.
Material Model Validation
Once a material model has been selected and calibrated to the test data, Veryst recommends validating the model by performing a test with a stress state different from any used for calibration.
Material Modeling

Veryst has extensive experience selecting and calibrating material models to capture the most important aspects of material behavior for your specific material and conditions during use.  Using MCalibration®, a software tool originally developed

Medical Devices
Veryst works with clients to develop high-performance, reliable, and manufacturable medical devices. We apply advanced characterization technologies, engineering analysis, and sophisticated simulation software to provide cost-effective solutions to time-critical engineering problems.
MSC.Marc Material Models
Veryst has designed six test programs specifically for MSC.Marc material models.
Tests by FEA Software
Veryst can specify a test program—a standard combination of tests—that captures your material’s response for use with a particular material model in a variety of finite element software packages. We have developed packages for many common constitutive models, but can customize the test plan to any model.

News item

FE software maker describes benefits of PolyUMod® models
The makers of ADINA software have announced that “in response to customers’ requirements,” ADINA supports the Bergstrom-Boyce and Three-Network viscoelastic material models, saying, “These sophisticated material models allow users to capture complex viscoelastic behaviors of polymeric components.” 
New Software Help Center
Veryst is pleased to announce our new Veryst Software Help Center! The Help Center makes it easy for those using the PolyUMod® and MCalibration® software to ask for help, share feedback, and track progress on service requests.  It's also easy to request a new license.
Version 5.0 of PolyUMod® and MCalibration® software now available
Veryst has released a new version of the PolyUMod library of advanced material models and the MCalibration parameter extraction software with significant new features.

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