Solid Mechanics

Case study

Designing MEMS Gyroscopes for Manufacturing
Manufacturing variations are of critical importance in MEMS design. In this MEMS gyroscope case study, Veryst created an approach to look at the effect of a range of manufacturing variations on MEMS devices using the same mesh. We also use semi-analytic equations to enable scalable modeling of the gyroscope electrostatic actuation and pick-off (which senses the motion produced by rotation).
How a Pop-Up Rubber Toy Jumps – Analysis and Simulation
Pop-up rubber jumpers are fun toys that unexpectedly jump and pop when placed on a flat surface after they are inverted. The poppers are hemispherical rubber domes which can be easily inverted inside-out, a process that stores elastic energy in the rubber material. This case study showcases how simulation can effectively be used to unravel complex nonlinear phenomena such as the inversion and jump of a popper toy.


Failure Analysis

The consultants at Veryst provide failure and root cause analyses using core engineering disciplines to evaluate different failure scenarios.  Engineering specialties we apply to failure analyses include: mechanical engineering, materials science (metallurgy, ceramics, polymer science, compo

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