Material Calibration

Case study

Strength of Additively Manufactured Parts
Veryst can predict the ultimate strength and failure modes of design concepts generated using topology optimization and produced using additive manufacturing. We use advanced finite element analysis (FEA) that accounts for the nonlinear behavior of the material being used to make the part.


Material Model Calibration
Veryst has extensive experience selecting and calibrating a material model to capture the most important aspects of material behavior for your specific material and conditions during use.
Material Modeling

Veryst has extensive experience selecting and calibrating material models to capture the most important aspects of material behavior for your specific material and conditions during use.  Using MCalibration®, a software tool origi

Structural Finite Element Analysis
Veryst offers leading expertise in advanced finite element modeling, particularly for complex, nonlinear problems. We can address problems that other finite element analysis consultants either cannot or are not sufficiently experienced to do well.

Veryst’s mechanical testing capabilities have been developed over the past decade and are motivated by the need for high quality data to characterize complex polymer behavior.  We tailor our test programs based on our deep understanding of polymer and material mechanics and the challenges complex

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PolyUMod and compatibility with Abaqus, ANSYS
Veryst announces important updates to our PolyUMod® software—a library of 23 accurate material models that can be used to represent the nonlinear viscoplastic behavior of many different types of materials. 
Publication co-authored with U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Dr. Jorgen Bergstrom has co-authored (in collaboration with Maureen Dreher and Srinidhi Nagaraja of the U.S.


Introducing our new, free, monthly webinar series!
Veryst’s new "In the Test Lab" webinar series focuses on polymer mechanics and experimental testing and features various experimental methods, test systems, and more. The first three webinars are now open for registration.
Presentation at 41st Annual Adhesion Society Meeting
Dr. Mark Oliver spoke about “Applications of Digital Image Correlation in Adhesive Testing: Measuring High-Rate Fracture Toughness and Calibrating Cohesive Zone Models” at the 41st Annual Adhesion Society Meeting.
Presentation at LS-DYNA Users Conference
Dr. Sean Teller spoke about “High Strain Rate Testing and Material Modeling of an Anisotropic Glass Fiber Filled Polyetherimide” at the 15th LS-DYNA International Conference and Users Meeting.
Presentation at Rapid + TCT 2018
Dr. Mark Oliver spoke about “Preventing Failure of Polymeric Additively Manufactured Parts Through Testing and Simulation” at the Rapid + TCT conference.
Two presentations at ANTEC 2018
Dr. Mark Oliver participated in the “Additive Manufacturing: Design, Test, and 3D Print for Production” session at ANTEC 2018, and Dr. Sean Teller participated in the “Engineering Properties and Structure: Innovations in Polyolefins and Plastics” session.
Webinar on the calibration of nonlinear structural material models
In Dr. Jorgen Bergstrom's webinar, he demonstrated how nonlinear structural material models can be calibrated and used in multiphysics simulations, discussed what type of experimental data is required, and illustrated how to select a proper material model to get accurate results.

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