Application Development

Helical Spring Design App
Figure 1. Veryst created this app for the design of helical springs

Veryst has applied its simulation expertise to the development of simulation applications ("apps") for our clients.  Using the Application Builder available in the COMSOL Multiphysics software, we are able to build apps with an intuitive user interface that is highly customizable based on each client's needs.  These apps are robust, validated, and accurate.

Our clients use our customized COMSOL apps because they offer important advantages.

  • Individuals can run COMSOL simulations without becoming simulation experts.  They can simulate design variations, perform parametric studies, and perform sensitivity analyses on their own.  This helps them focus on improving their product and not on the simulation details.
  • Clients use the customized app as an interactive tool to view their COMSOL model results.  For instance, they can rotate the model, look at different cross-sections, or look at flow streamlines more effectively.
  • Companies can accelerate the product development cycle and reduce cost.  They can use the app to perform simulations in-house and on demand.

At the top of this page is an app that Veryst created for the design of helical springs.  The user simply enters relevant details (spring geometry, material, failure criteria, etc.) and the app builds the spring model and calculates the spring response and performance.   

RF Ablation App
Figure 2. Veryst created this app for simulating RF tissue ablation

Veryst also develops apps for medical purposes, such as the app shown in Figure 2 that simulates RF (radio frequency) tissue ablation.  This app user might want to know: What happens if the electrode is tilted?  How will the tissue damage be affected by changes in voltage or electrode cooling?  What is the effect of changes to the tissue damage model?  This informative, interactive, and easy to use app lets the user quickly explore these questions and more. 

Following are some of the customized simulation applications we offer.

Spring Design App

As noted above, Veryst developed a robust COMSOL Multiphysics standalone app that simulates the compression of both helical and conical springs.  See an example of simulating compression springs in a COMSOL Multiphysics application.

Contact us to obtain the Spring Design App.

Lap shear app input screen

Lap Shear App

Veryst developed a free-to-use, standalone, COMSOL Multiphysics application to simulate the strength of single lap shear joints using cohesive zone modeling.

Contact us to obtain the Lap Shear App.

Ball valve app results screen

Ball Valve App

Veryst developed an easy-to-use COMSOL Multiphysics application to characterize the pressure loss and velocity distribution for ball valve designs, with the option of modeling both turbulent and laminar flow.

Contact us to obtain the Ball Valve App.

Contact us to discuss how we can develop an app customized to your needs.

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RF Tissue Ablation Simulation

Radio frequency tissue ablation is a commonly used and minimally invasive tissue treatment procedure. Accurately modeling this kind of coupled multiphysics problem is often challenging. Veryst developed a COMSOL Multiphysics model accounting for heat transfer, electric field, and fluid flow to study the RF tissue ablation problem where an electrode is targeting a tissue close to a blood vessel.

Simulating Compression Springs in a COMSOL Multiphysics Application

The design of compression springs is tied to their intended function and the acceptable levels of deformation and stress that the spring can withstand. Veryst designed and evaluated a standalone simulation application to capture important qualities, such as spring rate, natural frequencies, and estimated fatigue life, for both helical and conical compression springs.

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