Bulk Modulus/Volumetric Compression Testing

Instrument for Testing Bulk Modulus
Instrumented device to measure bulk modulus

The bulk modulus of a material describes the volumetric deformation behavior of a material and is important when high hydrostatic pressures are present (high-pressure seals, deep sea exploration, etc.), or when plastic deformation is not volume conserving.  Measuring the Poisson’s ratio of nearly incompressible materials is difficult, and the bulk modulus gives the same data. 

Veryst conducts bulk modulus (or volumetric compression) testing by compressing a cylindrical specimen inside a stiff cylinder.  The steel cylinder prevents free radial expansion of the specimen (as occurs in a uniaxial compression test).  Veryst calculates the bulk modulus with the applied loading and confining strains.  Veryst can also measure Poisson’s ratio of flat specimens in tension or compression using Digital Image Correlation techniques, which will give similar information.

Veryst can determine the bulk modulus as a function of temperature and loading rate.

Additionally, Veryst can design and build custom volumetric compression fixtures for irregularly shaped polymer and foam samples.

Bulk Modulus Plot
Representative pressure-volumetric strain curve used to determine the bulk modulus.  The slope of the linear region is the bulk modulus


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