Thin Film Testing

Testing thin films and adhesives is difficult due to the complexities of measuring the small forces and low displacements needed to capture accurately the material behavior.  Veryst Engineering has developed a custom-built thin film and adhesive test machine to measure the low- and high-rate properties of thin samples.  The test machine is capable of measuring materials that are as thin as 50 μm and as thick as 5 mm in tension, compression, and shear.

Thin film and adhesive test machine
Figure 1. Thin film and adhesive test machine


Figure 1 shows the thin film test machine and Figure 2 shows shear test results on the same material tested at two different strain rates.  The samples were tested to high strain levels and both failed during testing.  The  strain rate of 2,500/s is very high, corresponding to real world impact conditions.


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Thin film testing shear results
Figure 2. Shear results at two different strain rates -- samples were tested to failure


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