Instrumented Impact Testing

Impact test of a plastic specimen to determine energy absorption
and resistance to permanent deformation

Modern engineering design problems include protecting components from shock due to drops or impacts.  These components can include the entire product, such as a cell phone, or individual components, such as the packaging of a MEMS device or semiconductor chip in wearables.

Understanding the loads and accelerations experienced during an impact event can help guide design and material selection.  Rigorous impact testing is needed to understand failure modes, product limitations, package limitations, or necessary design changes.  Additionally, individual raw materials can be tested to determine high strain rate or impact response.  The test results can then be used to simulate impacts.

Veryst has extensive experience analyzing and designing drop tests and component tests to understand quantitatively impact response as well as potential failure mechanisms. 

Simulation of the test shown in the video above.
Results from the simulation match those shown in the video above

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