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High Strain Rate Testing

High Strain Rate Testing and Modeling of Polymeric Materials

Polymeric materials are frequently required to endure impact events with strain rates exceeding 100/s. However, despite this requirement, there is frequently little information available on the mechanical behavior of a material above strain rates of 1-10/s.

Veryst Engineering has developed a comprehensive suite of services for testing, modeling and validating the high strain rate behavior of polymeric materials. Veryst can test the tensile and compressive behavior of a wide variety of polymeric materials over strain rates ranging from 10-3 – 104/s combining traditional test techniques with advanced, high strain rate techniques such as Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) and instrumented impact testing.

Veryst also calibrates rate-dependent material models using proprietary MCalibration® software for models native to commercial finite element codes, such as Abaqus, ANSYS and LS-DYNA. Veryst also calibrates advanced rate-dependent viscoplastic flow models offered in its PolyUMod library.


Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB)
Apparatus for high strain rate testing.


Experimental data (solid lines) and predictions (dashed lines) given by a calibrated constitutive model for an unfilled PEEK material across seven decades of strain rate. The calibrated model shown is the Three Network Model (TNM), available as part of Veryst Engineering’s PolyUMod library.



Veryst’s high strain rate testing and modeling capabilities are suitable for a wide variety of polymeric materials, including:

        Thermoplastics (PEEK, PC, ABS, etc.)
        Foams (open or closed-cell)

Veryst also uses its knowledge of high strain rate testing in the design and implementation of validation tests that can be used to ensure that material models are sufficiently accurate for their intended application.

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