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Multiphysics Modeling

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Veryst’s analytical tool box includes the use of COMSOL Multiphysics, the leading software solution for multiphysics modeling. We have used COMSOL Multiphysics in a wide variety of applications and industries, combining the physical processes of fluid flow, stress analysis, heat transfer, nonlinear materials, contact, vaporization and condensation, acoustics, microwave heating, gas dynamics, and mixing. For more details, contact us at


Fluid Flow

Structural Mechanics


Heat Transfer

Species Transport

Non-linear Systems


Medical Devices

Renewable Energy,

Industrial Processes and Systems

Consumer Products

Heaters and Boilers

Air and Hydraulic Systems

We work extensively in solving multiphysics problems, including fluid-structure interactions, electromagnetic heating, thermal-structure coupling, conjugate heat transfer, and structural-acoustic vibrations.

We use multiphysics modeling to provide value to our customers by helping them understand and optimize product performance, perform proof of concept investigations and, in some cases, generate new intellectual property. We stress the importance of testing and validation for all our modeling efforts, especially multiphysics modeling due to the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of the models.

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