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Fluid dynamics and microfluidics


Veryst offers state-of-the-art consulting in gaseous and liquid systems and products, at large and small scales. We employ advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools and laboratory testing to understand and visualize complex flow behavior. For example, we have used CFD tools and wind tunnel testing to evaluate drag and lift forces. We have used CFD tools and microscopy to characterize the microscale liquid transport in porous media. Our clients have used our analyses of their existing products to understand performance and develop improvements, which in some cases has resulted in new intellectual property. 


Laminar and Turbulent Flow

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Heat and Mass Transfer

Multiphase Flow

Flow in Porous Media

Surface Tension and Wetting



Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical

Renewable Energy, Energy Conversion

Industrial Processes

Air and Hydraulic Systems, Heaters and Boilers

Consumer Products, Food Technology

Pumps, Valves and Nozzles

Electronic Cooling, Thermal Management in Devices


Veryst Capabilities: Analysis, modeling, and simulation of flow cells with surface reactions, lab-on-chip microdevices, bioinspired cooling, heat exchangers, Marangoni & curvature pressure driven flows, structural-acoustic vibrations, electrokinetic flows, droplet & bubble flows, sprays, electromagnetic heating, thermal-fluid coupling, conjugate heat transfer, lift & drag calculations, particle transport and sorting, pipe networks, phase change, fluid mixing, multiphase flow in fibrous materials, wicking, lubrication, high pressures and flow rates.

Value Provided: Understanding product performance, product design optimization, proof of concept investigation, trouble-shooting, and new intellectual property.

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